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Loura is a travel and nature photographer based in Dayton, Ohio, also skilled in portraiture, small business and public event photography, small product photography, photo editing, and graphic design. She was trained in photojournalism at Ohio University, Athens, holds a BA in English from NYIT, and has over 15 years of photography experience.

Loura favors "small subjects" of all kinds, and is adept at picking out details of people, places, and things. She enjoys experimenting with designs, colors, patterns, and light. Loura's style favors a photo-journalistic approach with bold, vibrant colors and realistic subjects, but she also makes room for images with a more artsy flair.

Her work has been featured several times in Creation Illustrated Magazine, Mother Earth Magazine, PC-Goenner Talent Agency, Kirkmont Presbyterian Church, and Five Rivers MetroParks Publications. She has worked with local entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals on various projects and events.

Contact Loura at: DevelopingFocus@gmail.com, or go to www.LouraLawrence.com to learn more.

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